“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." ~Revelation 10:7


October 2017

~58 dead, over 500 injured in Las Vegas mass shooting




September 2017

~Caribbean Devastated as Irma Heads Toward Florida
~Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico officials describe ‘apocalyptic’ conditions




August 2017

~Hurricane Harvey: The Devastation and What Comes Next
~SOLAR ECLIPSE – How Lunar and Solar Eclipses Shed Light on Biblical Events


July 2017



June 2017

~Terror in Europe



May 2017

~Four famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months
~Cholera Outbreak in Yemen- Unprecedented Scale



April 2017


~New Zealand towns hit by ‘once in 500-year flood’ as storm system sweeps in
~Colombia landslides: Over 200 die in Putumayo floods



March 2017


~London terror attack: How it all unfolded
~From El Nino Drought to Floods, Zimbabwe’s Double Trouble



February 2017

~US-China war would be a disaster for the world, says Communist party
~Worst Drought in Decades Drives Food Price Spike in East Africa



January 2017

~Kenyans Turn to Wild Fruits and Insects as Drought Looms
~Police struggle in hunt for gunman in Istanbul slayings


December 2016

~Berlin Christmas market: 12 dead, 48 hospitalized in truck crash
~Gunman dressed as Santa Claus kills dozens in Istanbul nightclub


November 2016

~Fidel Castro, Cuba’s revolutionary leader, dies aged 90
~Israel Burns
~Another major earthquake has caused “utter devastation” in New Zealand
~Donald Trump stuns the world, elected USA’s 45th president


October 2016

~Hurricane Matthew Brings Destruction to US East Coast
~Hurricane Brings Devastation and Cholera to Haiti–Over 1,000 Dead



September 2016

 ~Charlotte, NC — State of Emergency Declared After Rioting and Protests
~North Korea’s Nuclear Program is Targeting U.S
~Russia to Test Unstoppable ‘Satan 2’ Stealth Nuke


August 2016

~Italy earthquake: Rescuers’ desperate search for survivors as toll hits 250
~Death toll rises, housing crisis looms in flooded Louisiana


July 2016

~Japan knife attack: 15 killed and dozens wounded in stabbing
~China floods: More than 150 killed and hundreds of thousands evacuated
~Munich Attack: Teenage Gunman Kills Nine People at Shopping Centre
~3 more Cops dead after Baton Rouge Ambush
~Turkey coup attempt: Government detains 6,000
~At Least 84 Dead in France After Grenade-Filled Truck Plows Into Crowd
~Sniper Ambush Kills 5 Officers, Injures 7 in Dallas Following Peaceful Protest


June 2016

~44 killed, more than 200 injured in Istanbul  Airport terror attacks
~UK leaves European Union, Investors Panic
~Death Toll Rises to 24 in Devastating West Virginia Floods
~Orlando shooting: 49 killed, shooter pledged ISIS allegiance
~Financial calamity declared in Rio weeks before Olympics


May 2016

~ISIS to “Liberate” Jerusalem and End the State of Israel
~Venezuela Apocalypse
~Canada wildfire: Massive blaze threatens to reduce oil city to ashes, Entire City Evacuated


April 2016

~Houston Texas Underwater: Homes Destroyed, Multiple Deaths
~7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Ecuador: Hundreds Dead


March 2016

~Terror Erupts in Brussels–ISIS claims responsibility
~N. Korea threatens nuke strikes on U.S., S. Korea


February 2016

~Financial crash – it could destroy capitalism as we know it
~Citi: The Global Economy Is Trapped in a ‘Death Spiral’



January 2016

~Jonas Storm Buries East Coast in Snow
~Uprising in Oregon
~The Saudi-Iranian rivalry threatens the entire Middle East
~Dow has worst four-day start to a year on record


December 2015

~More Historic Flooding in the Midwest
~ISIS says attack on Israel is Imminent
~California Terror Attach

November 2015

~Thousands of Iranian soldiers stage mock siege of Temple Mount 
~ISIS threatens NYC in new propaganda video
~Islamic State threatens attack on Washington, other countries
~Paris massacre: At least 128 killed
~Office puts chips under staff’s skin
~Sweden is on track to becoming the first cashless nation



October  2015

~More than 100 dead as magnitude-7.5 earthquake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
~China Joining Russia In Syria Brings Risks Of World War III
~Historic flooding decimates South Carolina


September  2015

~Devastation in Damascus
~ISIS in nuke boast: We can get atomic bomb ‘within a year’
~Migrant crisis and Euro tensions threaten to trigger catastrophic conflict claim experts
~Calamity in California
~Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine


August  2015

~Chinese market mirroring 1929 crash: Analyst
~Recent Two Day Stock Market Crash Larger Than Any One Day Stock Market Crash In U.S. History
~Netanyahu: Iran building ICBMs ‘to hit U.S.’


July  2015

~Supreme Court rules gay couples nationwide have a right to marry
~Jade Helm 15, a military exercise, brings wild speculation in Texas about ‘martial law’
~Look What Will Happen After The Dollar Collapse



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