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Overcomer Ministry Privacy Policy!

We at OVERCOMER MINISTRY, Inc., the owner of www.overcomerministry.org want to thank you for visiting. We want you to feel safe while you’re here so we’ve provided this document for you, our Site visitor.

We Value Your Privacy!

First and foremost, we want you to know that we value your privacy. You need to be aware of our privacy policy provisions and statement, so we’re asking you to PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT entirely.

By visiting this Site, which means “using” our Website, you are in agreement with this Privacy Policy. This Policy becomes effective as soon as you enter our Site for the very first time. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, then you should not post anything or become involved in any activity that requires you to give us your private information.

Definitions Associated with this Policy

  • Privacy Policy – Refers to this document. We may alternatively refer to our Privacy Policy as “Policy,” “Statement,” or “Document”.
  • Terms of Use – We may alternatively refer to our Website Terms of Use throughout this document as “Terms of Use”, “Terms and Conditions” or “Terms”. You can find it here.
  • Your Information –Your information refers to information that identifies you. Your information includes, but is not limited to: your email address, your physical address, phone numbers, or any other personal data you share with our Site either by completing a form, joining our mailing list, corresponding with us through Facebook, LinkedIn or any other “social media” and/or sending an email to us. This is covered in-depth throughout this Policy.
  • Subscriber, Member or Client – Any one who subscribes to any of our marketing, product or promotional list(s), including our Newsletter.
  • Websites – Websites may also be referred to as “Site” or “Sites”.
  • Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other directory(ies) or online platforms in which we engage our clients, colleagues, or the general Internet public.

What This Policy Covers

This document refers strictly to Privacy Matters and concerns that you may have regarding your information, how it’s stored and used and what happens with it when you provide it to us.

We have described our operations that would affect your privacy throughout this document in great detail, however we realize that you may still have questions. If you do have a question, or concern, you may feel free to contact us. Our staff will do everything possible to answer your questions and alleviate any fears you may have regarding your privacy in relation to our website and online business practices.

How We Collect Your Information

  • Contact Request Form –If you complete our form on our Contact Information page, or send us your testimonial, your information is then passed into our database, located on our password protected server.
  • Email – If you send an email to us, we may retain your email address on file, along with the message you sent to us.
  • Mailing List/Promotional List –Our lists are managed by an email list server system through Campaigner.   Campaigner is very reputable and practices protection of our Clients’ information. If they did not practice protection of privacy to the level that they do, we would not use them. You may read their privacy policy here.
    When you complete any form that you found when following a link that navigates to any of our promotional offers, mailing list or newsletter, regardless of how or where you located that link, you will be sending your name and email address to Campaigners’ list management system. Your information is only associated with our Client listings. No other customers of the system will have your information.

    PLEASE NOTE: We employ Campaigner because they follow and use the “double opt-in” system. That means that, once you submit your name and email address, you will have to check your email account, look for a message from OVERCOMER MINISTRY, and then once you’ve located it in your email software program, you’ll have to click a link to confirm that it was indeed you who submitted your name and email address.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you enter into an agreement with us to receive services from us as advertised on our website, you are added to our mailing list. In this event, your opt-in/permission is not required in order for us to send you information since we have an established business relationship. When we send our newsletter and information email broadcast messages to you, you have the right at anytime to unsubscribe by clicking the “SafeUnsubscribe” link included at the bottom of each email message.

What Information We Collect

  • Website Forms – The information we collect is limited to that information you enter through any of our website’s forms as described in the previous section.
  • Mailing List Form –Regarding our Mailing Lists, we collect your name and email address.PLEASE NOTE: When you submit your information through any of our forms, we collect your IP address and we record the date and time of your submission as a precautionary measure to protect ourselves against accusations of SPAM and sending unsolicited bulk email.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Social Media, etc- When you send us information or requests through any social media, we are notified that you have done so.

How We Use Your Information

  • Contact Request Form –Whenever you submit information through our Contact Request Form, we consider your submission to be a request that we contact you. At the time that you submit your information we receive an email message from our server letting us know that you requested us to contact you.We answer each contact request personally, either by email or by telephone. We will use the information you submit through the form to respond to your request.
  • Mailing List/Promotional List –If you subscribe to, or join, any of our list(s) you will be added to our Mailing List Records. You will periodically receive mailings that we feel may be of interest to you. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the Removal or Unsubscribe Instructions at the bottom of any email message. You may also contact us by using the information at the bottom of this page and our staff will remove you manually from our system.

How Your Information is Stored

If you pass information through one of our Site(s) forms, then we will store your information in our database(s) on our password secured server, which we periodically download to our company’s internal network. We do not make any guarantees to the time or date when we will be performing such tasks. Your information will remain in our archives for as long as we are required to retain it as mandated by Federal and South Carolina State Laws.

If you join our mailing list(s), then your information is stored by Campaigner as previously explained in this document.

Our Responsibilities, Liabilities and Limitations Regarding Your Information

We will not sell, rent, lease, share or give your information to anyone not directly employed by OVERCOMER MINISTRY, Inc., unless we are subpoenaed to do so by law enforcement authorities. The only exception to this is if you violate any of the Terms of this Privacy Policy or our Website Terms Of Use Agreement, such as submitting child pornography or using our email addresses to send spam mail. We will then do everything within our power to submit your information to the proper authorities.

Although we make every effort to protect your information, we can not guarantee that we will never lose it, as “crashes” and other unfortunate events occur. Therefore we can not and will not be liable for any crimes against us, our website, Campaigner, or any Social Media, such as theft, hacking, copying, republishing, redistribution, or other such illegal actions performed by individuals/entities not associated with OVERCOMER MINISTRY.

As previously stated, our mailing list is managed through Campaigner. Information regarding our privacy policy for our mailing list can be found here.

Children’s Privacy Protection

Our Site does not contain any information that would be of interest or value to children.

We do not knowingly target children in any of our advertisements or advertising campaigns, including email campaigns or offline direct mail campaigns.

If you are the parent(s) of under-aged children, you should supervise them when they are visiting this website.

If, by an oversight on our part, you are a child or the parent of a child who receives information from this website you should forward a copy of the email to us immediately upon your receipt of the email.


You should send any disputes to us by email or by U.S. Mail to the address included within the section “Contact Information” below. You may also reach us by phone at the number listed below or by using our Contact Information page.

Assistance and Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you should Contact Us through the information below:

Contact Information

You may contact us as follows:

By US Mail:
OVERCOMER MINISTRY 12680 Augusta Hwy Walterboro SC, 29488

By Email:

By Telephone:
(843) 701-5053